Online Businesses: Examples and How to Start

In this article we will see examples of online business, and you will see the most important steps to create your online business.
Online Business

I want to teach you 5 examples of online business:

Online Business 1. Blog

The blog is the easiest way to do business online. The goal is to create a website with interesting content for the reader, and the revenue is generated by Google adsense advertising. Some tips to make money online with a blog is:

– Write articles of a subject that you have knowledge
– Optimize content to rank better on Google
– That the site loads fast in the browser

Online Business 2. Sell in Mercadolibre

One way to sell fast on the internet is with Mercadolibre. An interesting advertisement is created for a product in demand, and the utilities will depend on the profit margin that has been determined in the product. Some pros and cons of selling in mercadolibre are:

– Easy to reach market
– You do not need web experience
– You do not need to create a site (like selling on the internet)

– Many bills, payments or fraud problems
– The commission is very high (about 10% of the value of the product)
– Many buyers comment fraud

Online Business 3. Sell intangible products

Among the intangible products are ebooks, online courses, webinars, software, etc. Some pros and cons of selling intangible products are:

– Utilities of 90-100%
– Unique in the market
– International or national market

– It takes time to create content
– Requires computer experience
– You need a good product

Online Business 4. Electronic Commerce

E-commerce involves selling physical products on the internet, through a specialized website. The pros and cons of electronic commerce are:

– Few investment expenses
– Automated sales
– Dominate a niche quickly

– The system is complicated
– It takes time to position yourself
– Requires consumer confidence

Online Business 5. Web Services

It is possible to offer your services online, from the most common such as web design, to complicated services such as internet accounting, web advertising, among others. Some tips to promote a service on the internet are:

– Sell your service in packages
– Make a professional website
– Have a contact form by email, chat or phone

How to start your business online

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