How to Earn Money on the Internet with Blog

In this post we will explain step by step how to make money online with a blog. A blog is a simple web page, where we upload articles or posts on a specific topic.

How to make money online

These are the steps to make money with a blog:

How to make money online

1. Choose a Theme

The first thing to make money online with a blog is to define what topic you are passionate about. Notice how I do not use the word “like” or “you know”. It really has to make you passionate, because you’re going to dedicate not days or months, but years to pay to earn enough money to quit your job.

For example, one of my passions is the electric guitar. I could start a blog where I write articles about how to play the electric guitar, tips, comments from different guitars, etc.

I repeat, the most important thing is that you choose something that you are passionate about and that does not bother you to write or investigate the subject.

2. Search for Keywords

The second step to making money online with a blog is to find the keywords or search words that you will be using on your blog or website.

This is fundamental, and we are going to see it in practice.

The steps to look for the keywords are:

1. Enter the google tool of keywords in

Above the page you can change the option to Spanish.

Now, you are going to write the main phrase or the topic that you want to check keywords.

So, I’m going to write “electric guitar”

Also in advanced options, I will select a specific country and language (Mexico and Spanish).

The results tell us more specific phrases or keywords, the competition, and the global and local searches per month.

You can download it in Excel, and filter it, let’s search:

– Local monthly searches less than 9,000 searches per month, and more than 1,000.

– Phrases that can become informative articles.

For example, I will put only 3 that I found of “electric guitar”, where I could write articles:

– electric guitars for beginners (1,000 searches)
– learn to play electric guitar (1,300 searches)
– how to play electric guitar (2,400 searches)

This means that over time, being one of the first places a google search engine, I can generate a monthly traffic only from Mexico of 4,700 users.

In addition, these phrases are searches of people who want information for beginners, so I can write informative articles on how to play, tricks, bases, recommendations, etc.

3. Write original articles

The third step to making money online with a blog is to write original and extensive articles.

One of the most common mistakes is to use a tool called feed, to get other people’s articles without writing them.

This is fatal, because Google manages algorithms to not consider these sites as search results. Therefore, work without sweating does not pay, because if you do not write them, Google does not care about your page.

Therefore, my advice to make articles is:

– Write original text: do not copy anything from other sites, because Google knows it. For example, in this site of 100Business, all articles are written word by word, so Google has us in first places in words such as business online or how to do business online.

– That it be extensive: if you write 2 or 3 paragraphs, it is useless. Google does not take these sites into account (unless they are about 5 to 10 years old). But since you are a beginner, write about 3 to 5 pages per article, you will see that as you are passionate you do not feel like much work.

– Write for the visitor to be interested: another common error of internet blogs is to put 50% of sentences in your article, which makes it unattractive to read for the visitor. Write first to read it, then enter keywords.

– Put tags of h1, h2, h3, bold, links and phrases. This is basically SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I do not want to touch much on this topic of SEO, but in a few words it means that the more you use html resources, you make it easier for Google to understand your article, and consider it in your searches, giving you a better web positioning (that’s why it’s called optimization, because you are adapting your content for Google).

4. Open your blog

The fourth step to make money online is to open your blog. This seems a very complicated thing for those who do not know anything about Internet business, but in fact anyone can do it.

Simply log on to or to, and follow the instructions

Once you register your blog, paste the articles, put some links and images.

Now, something that is very important if you want to take this seriously to start a business online, is to buy a domain.

The domain is the internet address you use.

When you sign up for for example, they give you a domain like “comotocarguitarraelectrica. blogspot. com”

However, due to my experience, Google gives more weight to pages with a paid domain, for example:

You can buy this domain in Godaddy, NIC (for domains) or the organization of domains in your country.

5. Sources of income

Finally, the last step to make money online is to insert what your sources of income will be.

This topic is touched in depth in another article where we explain models and examples of Internet Business, please click and read it so you know the ways in which you can make money with business online.

6. Your doubts

If you have doubts about how to make money online, write us in the Comments section below the post, and for those who read us with newsletters by mail, enter 100 Businesses to ask your questions and everyone can see them.


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